Sportsbet Review

Sportsbet is an Aussie sports bookmaker that offers a wide range of betting options from the major Australian codes, including football, rugby league, NRL, cricket and more. They also have a great Same Game Multi Builder function and extra features like betting insights, tips, odds comparisons, speedmaps and a blackbook.

The website can seem a bit cluttered for first-time punters with all the sliding promotions but once you enter a market there is less irrelevant information on display and the betslip is always open on the right hand side of the screen. We also like that you can filter markets by meets, dates and code using the tabs at the top of the page.

In addition to the wide variety of single-game bets, Sportsbet is pushing same-game parlays, bundling props together for a larger payout if all legs hit. But Miller says the company has been using an overly generous interpretation of its “obvious error” rules to clean up on props and parlays against casual bettors while voiding big winners.

The sportsbook tries to make sure that their lines are as close to true implied probabilities as possible, but it’s impossible to get every line exactly right. The betting public is notoriously sloppy and Sportsbet’s algorithms can’t account for every correlation in the data. This leads to a few mistakes, but most are just a reflection of the reality that not every betting market is perfect.