Sportsbet Review

Sportsbet is one of the big Australian betting sites that has helped shape the industry in the online, phone, and app era. It has even become integrated into network sport broadcasts as program hosts throw to gambling experts for live odds. The brand has also been known to create controversy through its ad campaigns. One example, featuring Nick Kyrgios’ brother Christos, sparked a controversy around performance-enhancing drugs.

Betting odds reflect an oddsmaker’s opinion of a team or individual and how much money is likely to be risked for a certain potential payout amount. In addition, the odds can reveal how many bettors have been placed on either side of a market. In general, bettors should place bets on sides with lower percentages. True probability is often a better indicator of a winner than implied probability.

Founded in Darwin in 1993, Sportsbet was Australia’s first licensed bookmaker. It was purchased by Matthew Tripp in 2005 and rebranded as BetEasy. In 2014, Tripp sold his stake in the company to Crown Resorts for AU$151 million.

While there are a lot of great things to love about sportsbet, it is important to know what your goals are with sports betting before you join. While it is tempting to bet on everything, that will quickly burn through your bankroll and lead to a bigger loss. Having a plan will help you to keep your betting in control and manage your bankroll.

Sportsbet has some great responsible gambling features including Deposit Limits and a Take A Break tool to help you get back in control when it comes to your gambling. They also offer 2FA as standard on all accounts and recommend that all customers activate it.