Sportsbet Review

As the name suggests, sportsbet is an Australian bookmaker that allows Aussies to wager on a wide range of sporting events. This includes horse races, cricket matches, major sports like football and rugby league, as well as reality show contests and even TV plotlines.

In our review of Sportsbet, we found their odds to be competitive and they offer a good range of markets for most big events. For instance, in AFL matches they tend to have more than 100 betting markets pre-game. This is an impressive number and a great sign that Sportsbet offers competitive odds.

Having the option to shop for the best odds is important when placing a bet. Choosing the bookmaker that is offering the best odds can add value to your bankroll over time. As a result, it is worth signing up with multiple bookmakers to get the best return on your money.

Totals bets are similar to point spreads as they focus on predicting whether the two teams combined will score more (over) or less (under) than the total amount posted by oddsmakers. For example, if the Yankees and Red Sox are playing each other and the total is nine runs, bettors who place a bet on the over will receive a refund on their initial bets if the sum of all the runs scored during the game exceeds nine.

This feature isn’t available for all markets and is only offered on some events. However, it is a great way to get extra bang for your buck and makes shopping for the best odds more convenient than ever.