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Bacarrat Strategy – How to Win at Live Bacarrat

Bacarrat is one of the most popular card games in North America. It is also very popular in Asia and Australia. In general, the goal of the game is to make your hand closer to nine.

While the basic strategy is the same for all games, some variations are more complicated. This is where pattern recognition comes into play.

The Bacarrat card game uses three basic rules. First, the hand is dealt to each player. All cards have face values except the ace, which has one value.

Next, the banker is dealt two hands. One is to bet on, while the other is to stand. If both hands have the same number of points, then a tie is the winner.

There are other bets available. These include the Banker and the Player’s hand. For the most part, the best odds are found with the player’s hand bet.

However, the tie bet isn’t as popular as the other bets. A tie bet has a 15% house edge. That means you have a 9.6% chance of winning every time you place a wager.

Another enticing feature is the tie bet’s 8-to-1 payout. If you bet on the tie, you win when the banker’s hand and the player’s hand are equal.

Although the baccarat rules of thumb for a tie bet aren’t as clear-cut as the rules for a winning player’s or banker’s hand, there are still a few things to keep in mind.