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What You Should Know About Sportsbet

Sportsbet is an online gambling company that targets the Australian market. It is licensed to operate as a corporate bookmaker under the Racing and Betting Act 1993. It offers odds on sporting events, including horse races. Sportsbet also has a mobile app. It is based in Australia. Here’s what you should know about this company.

The Sportsbet website may be overwhelming to a first-time punter. The site’s homepage features many different markets and sliding promotions, but the layout becomes less confusing as you enter specific markets. There’s a betslip on the homepage that shows your pending bets. If you’ve placed a bet and want to change it, you can do so from the betslip.

Sportsbet is one of the largest corporate bookmakers in Australia. It has 1.2 million registered customers and makes 1.1 billion bets a year. However, its underlying profit is only AU$215 million, and it had to pay AU$40 million in consumption taxes. Because of its size, it needed a platform that could process real-time data quickly and effectively.

In addition to betting odds, a sportsbet can also include point spreads. The point spread is the margin by which a team needs to win a game to win a sports bet. The point spread, or “spread,” is typically between eleven and ten points. This means that, if a team wins by seven points, it will win. Otherwise, the player will lose all of his bet.